CM Punk's Former Best Friend, Colt Cabana, is Suing Him for $1.2 Million

CM Punk’s Former Best Friend, Colt Cabana, is Suing Him for $1.2 Million

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It sounds like a pro wrestling angle, but proving that the drama behind the scenes is often more compelling than the action in the ring, Colt Cabana is suing CM Punk over legal fees incurred from the defamation lawsuit against the pair filed by WWE doctor Chris Amann over comments Punk made on Cabana’s podcast. Punk and Cabana won the suit, but Cabana is now seeking $200,000 in legal fees plus $1,000,000 in punitive damages from Punk.

The lawsuit alleges:

“On December 16, 2014, Colton received the Demand Letter by regular mail and again informed Brooks of same by text message, whereupon Brooks responded to Colton by text messages that he would be talking to Brenner to ‘game plan’ and that Brooks would ‘make sure you’re 100% covered.'”

But in April of 2016, the suit alleges, Punk sent Cabana a letter saying:

“To date I have spent $513,736 dollars on this Amman lawsuit. My outstanding current bill is at least 300k. Half of all this is yours. Divide the 513,736 by 2 and that is what you owe me and what I expect you to pay me. Starting now I will no longer be paying your bills. You are on your own. Whatever my bill is currently, will be cut in half, and half will be yours. If you choose to make this all ugly, that’s fine too. I hope you won’t, but I gave up on you doing what is right a long time ago.”

As things got more heated, the suit claims that Cabana was forced to spend $200,000 obtaining his own legal team for the lawsuit, and now Cabana wants Punk to pay that and more.

You can read the full text of the lawsuit over at 411 Wrestling.

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