Marvel Reveals Uncanny X-Men #1 Cover by Leinil Francis Yu and Edgar Delgado

Marvel Reveals Uncanny X-Men #1 Cover by Leinil Francis Yu and Edgar Delgado

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Marvel has revealed the cover to Uncanny X-Men #1, along with a release date: November 14th. The cover and release date were posted as part of an interview with X-scribe Matthew Rosenberg on Rosenberg will be writing the comic along with Kelly Thompson and Ed Brisson, with art by Mahmud Asrar, R.B. SilvaYildiray Cinar, and Pere Perez.

“We are making UNCANNY as huge as we can,” said the former indie darling turned jet-setting superstar writer, though it’s unclear how an 80-foot tall comic book could possibly be sold at most retail locations. “We’re approaching it [as if] this might very well be the last X-Men story ever, so let’s make it matter. We’re doing all hands on deck, fate of the world stuff. It’s big and scary.”

Frightening as it may be, scaredy-cat Rosenberg believes it makes for a better story.

“I think the best X-Men stories need two things that often seem in opposition, but are entirely crucial,” he continued. “First they need real danger. The X-Men go through more pain, hardships, and suffering than any other superheroes. That’s their lot in life. And they always come out the other side, but that should be tested every time.”

According to Rosenberg, it takes creators that really love the X-Men to produce stories that torture them and their readers properly. Marvel must really love Cyclops then!

“And the second thing a great X-Men story needs is creators who love the X-Men,” said Rosenberg. “It’s easy to hurt and kill characters. It’s easy to blow things up with no thought. When it matters, when the audience cares, is when there is real pain and heartbreak behind it. When the storytellers were as upset doing it as you are reading it, that’s when an X-Men story works. And I’d put Kelly, Ed, and my love of X-Men against almost anyone in the world.”

The cover reveals a smaller group of mutants than last week’s teaser image by David Marquez. Notably missing is Honey Badger; is this more evidence the team plans to kill off the beloved teenage character in the series, as the writers previously discussed in a very serious conversation on Twitter?

Still no word on where Chris Claremont stands in any of this, and either Rosenberg was avoiding the question or was too afraid to ask it (journalistic integrity truly is dead). Check out the cover below by Leinil Francis Yu and Edgar Delgado.

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