Pokémon Quest Apparently Made Over $8 Million in Its First Month

Pokémon Quest Apparently Made Over $8 Million in Its First Month

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In the latest news for games with the word Pokémon in the title, Pokémon Quest managed to rake in quite a bit of cash in the game’s first month. According to Sensor Tower, within the first month of the game being online, it managed to earn about $8 million in revenue from in-game purchases, with $3 million of that earned within the first week. Here’s a snippet from the article giving a bit of the breakdown.

Pokémon Quest art
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The largest portion of Pokémon Quest revenue has come from players in Japan, who have accounted for 34 percent of the total. The United States ranks second in spending at 24 percent. Players in South Korea have contributed about 12 percent of the game’s haul to date. Most of this revenue has come from Pokémon Quest players on iOS, which represents about 66 percent of spending versus Google Play’s 44 percent.

Player spending in Pokémon Quest has slowed since its first week on the app stores, with daily gross revenue currently totaling about $30,000 across both platforms. By comparison, on its single best day post-launch (June 30), the game grossed more than $580,000.

Spending in the game has gone down after the initial hype, but that’s a lot of success for a game that wasn’t directly tied to any of the console titles or Pokémon GO. We’ll see how the game does as the summer ends over the next six weeks.

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