Heroes of the Storm: HGC Western Clash 2018 - Loser's Round Quarterfinals

Heroes of the Storm: HGC Western Clash 2018 – Semifinals

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We’re in the home stretch of the HGC Western Clash 2018 in Los Angeles, and before we can move onto the Finals, we have to clear out what’s left in the Semifinals. Here are the results from the this morning’s clashes which took place at the Blizzard Arena.

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Match 1: Team Dignitas vs. Method

The first match didn’t even feel like a challenge from our perspective as Dignitas came in and cleaned up in short order. Method did their best to try to try and fend them off but there was no competition as TD went up 1-0. Method tried to mount a comeback in what felt like a pretty even second match but fell apart near the end and lost in a pretty uneventful second loss.

For the third match, Method took in a weird composition and basically was going for broke being down 0-2. For a moment, it appeared that the choices were going to pay off with a few different moments of brilliance. But it was all for note as TD managed to steamroll their way through the end and shut down any chance Method would have had, sending them to the lower bracket.

Winner: Team Dignitas (3-0)

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Match 2: Leftovers vs. Team Freedom

The opening match felt like Leftovers was ready to take the match easily, but the tides switched over into TF’s favor and they made a great effort to keep good health management that kept them strong throughout the fight. What should have been an easy victory for Leftovers turned into a 1-0 advantage for TF. The second fight felt like a back-and-forth battle that at times felt like it didn’t have an ending in sight. One moment it felt like TF was on the verge of winning, then Leftovers, then back again. But int the end, TF overcame Leftovers to go up 2-0.

The third match looked like it was pretty evenly balanced, but it soon became clear that Leftovers had the upper hand early on, and even went after challenges that didn’t look like they would be difference makers. But they rolled over TF making the match 2-1 still in TF’s favor. But the last match was pretty much done from the get-go as TF crushed them, and took the fourth match.

Winner: Team Freedom (3-1)

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Match 3: Method vs. HeroesHearth

After taking one on the chin earlier in the day, Method had something to prove and came charging out the gate with a hard-fought victory against HH. The second match was one of the most intense fights ever as HH was taken down to 6 health and fought off Method, then attempted a backdoor attack as a catapult took Method down to 36 before they noticed it and countered the attack. Method rallied back and made sure HH knew they missed their one good shot during the encounter and mowed them down to go up 2-0.

Round three brought on some interesting compositions and a couple heroes that we thought might get banned but weren’t. The match started off strong for both sides, but it became clear that this wasMethod’s match as they slowly melted down HH’s forced and took the final match easily for the sweep.

Winner: Method (3-0)

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Match 4: Leftovers vs. Team Octalysis

Leftovers also had something to prove after being sent to the lower bracket and proceeded to show TO that they belong there. The first round had a fun bit of back and forth, but Leftovers made sure to secure the first win by methodically taking the top and bottom. TO fought back and pushed them back, but then they gave up a key point and allowed them to waltz in destroy everything for the first win. Round two saw both teams charge right at each other instead of playing strategy, cracking their way through the other team’s waves. But the match came to an abrupt end after a team wipe that resulted in Leftovers unloading everything they had at the end and going up 2-0.

The last match was little contest as Leftovers basically rolled over TO and took the sweep in the end. So both teams that were eliminated earlier today and were put into the lower bracket fought their way back to get into the finals tomorrow morning, and a chance for the Grand Finals tomorrow evening.

Winner: Leftovers (3-0)

credit//Blizzard Entertainment

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