Arcade Archives is Bringing Kid’s Horehore Daisakusen to the Nintendo Switch

Arcade Archives is Bringing Kid’s Horehore Daisakusen to the Nintendo Switch

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The Arcade Archives is getting yet another old-school title added to the Nintendo Switch as Hamster will bring Kid’s Horehore Daisakusen. The series has been bringing several classic titles over the years from different consoles to the modern era of gaming — not as a direct port or a download, but as a regular release as they clean up games and make them compatible with current setups.

Kid’s Horehore Daisakusen is one of the last Famicom titles to come out before the console was retired in Japan. I remember trying this game years ago with an adapter and having fun, but I need a refresher course. Good thing it’s coming out soon. Here’s a video of the game along with a proper description of it, and you can currently download it from the eShop.

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“Kid’s Horehore Daisakusen” is an action game released by Nihon Bussan in 1987. The story is about Kid-who got involved in the labyrinth between time and space from the 23rd century-trying to get back to his own time by escaping and fighting against enemies. The player has to make the enemy fall into the hole and bury them, as well as bring them down with items. So try to breakout of various time periods such as the primitive age, the Edo period and the current time.

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