Marvel and IMAX Announce the Marvel Studios 10th Anniversary Film Festival

Marvel and IMAX Announce the Marvel Studios 10th Anniversary Film Festival

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Marvel Studios and Disney are bringing all of their movies back to the big screen. The studio announced that they will be showing all 20 movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in IMAX theaters over the Labor Day weekend in what they are calling the Marvel Studios 10th Anniversary Film Festival.

For the phase one movies this will be the first time they are ever shown on IMAX screens and would provide new fans a chance to see this entire series in theaters. Unlike a marathon where all of the movies are shown back to back this is instead breaking up the movies over the course of several days. You can pick and choose which movies you want to see and there are four movies a day with two “themed” days (origins and team-ups) and two screenings the final day that will be chosen by the fans. Here’s a picture of the schedule.

If you go to Fandango you can see if there are tickets availbile in your area. This is pretty devious of Marvel as well since the Labor Day weekend is notoriously one of the worst weekends to release a movie. They are taking advantage of the holiday in a way few studios actually do. Some of the studio releases coming out that weekend include Searching, Blood Fest, Kin, and The Little Stranger.

If they really want to replicate the film festival experience everyone has to get super pretentious, get a really high opinion of themselves, and then get get drunk at swanky parties with open bars.

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