Fox Planning ‘Simpsons’ Sequel, ‘Bob’s Burgers’, and ‘Family Guy’ Films

Posted by August 10, 2018 Comment

In additional “really, Fox?” news today, it would appear that plans are in motion for up to three feature film projects including a sequel to The Simpsons Movie, a Bob’s Burgers movie, AND a live-action-mixed Family Guy movie.

This news comes buried in a lengthy report from The Wall Street Journal updating readers on the current state of the looming Disney/Fox purchase, with the revelation that these three feature films are planned with a new partner on the animation side since the long-standing deal with DreamWorks Animation expired after the Comcast acquisition of the studio.

FOX Chief Executive Stacey Snider has apparently “emphasized a revamp of Fox’s approach to animation”, pointing out the hunt for a new “partner” in animation to take the DreamWorks spot.

20th Century Fox is partnering with the Television Studios side on some big-screen adaptations of existing, popular animated series. Namely, an animated feature film based on Bob’s Burgers, a sequel to The Simpsons Movie, and a Family Guy motion picture that would reportedly mix animation with live action, the WSJ reports “sources close” to the projects say.

Other sources say that Snider has also extended many executives’ contracts for as long as company policy allows, looking into 2021, to possibly allow for a smooth transition if/when the Disney merger happens.

If/when these films are officially confirmed by 20th Century F., we’ll let you know.

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