Fallout 76 Will See Composer Inon Zur Return

Fallout 76 Will See Composer Inon Zur Return

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Long-standing Fallout composer Inon Zur will once again return to the series for Fallout 76.

Fallout 76
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Fallout 76 is not a normal Fallout Bethesda game. Moving away from single-player narrative-driven RPGs and into the world of multiplayer gaming, I think it is fair to expect many changes to the norm. Many of the staples we’d expect of a normal Fallout game are now out the window. Some thought that could even go for the music. Inon Zur has composed every game in the franchise since Fallout 3, but in the not too dissimilar The Elder Scrolls Online, iconic composer of the franchise, Jeremy Soule, only offered his services to the title theme of the game. I don’t think it would be unreasonable to expect something similar here.

Well, rest your worries. It’s has been announced that Inon Zur will be returning for Fallout 76. Speaking with Variety, it was announced that Zur would be lending his music to the game to make for that authentic Fallout experience that fans want. It seems that the scope of the score might even be growing this time around too. He said:

To make the experience even more epic, we had the Budapest Film Orchestra perform and record the score, as well as the amazing Lyris String Quartet. I believe that this is one of my most unique scores to date and I can’t wait to share it with everyone!

This is great to hear honestly. Zur’s scores certainly have a specific feel to them, and fans who prefer single-player RPGs are going to need to feel as at home as possible. Having Zur back to lull them into the world of Fallout 76 is not a terrible shout at all.

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