Marvel Trademarks vs. The Candy Hulk

Earlier this year, a legal firm in Los Angeles looking to register the name CallHulk as a moving company fell foul of Marvel lawyers pointing out that this was just not on.

Marvel has around 20 trademarks registered around the Hulk and the Incredible Hulk. They opposed the registration, and the company backed down.

Marvel also saw off Donald Sprouse last year, trying to register Hulk Fitness, as well as a company called Rok Hard Body trying to register the trademark for Hulk Juice in 2016. And this year, Marvel stopped Michigan firm Web Guru Enterprises wanting to register Hulq as an online automotive leasing platform. And the funny thing is they almost all wanted to use green logos — or even green models.

Well, the latest to the Hulk trademark plate is Hulk Candy from Chinese firm Huangzongwen of Shenzen. And remembering that Marvel licenses a lot of this kind of stuff…

…is this really going to go down well? It seems not, and the Chinese company has already decided to cancel its registration.

Next up, German company STRA GmbH trying to register the word Thor for a screen protection device. Linda K. McLeod, Marvel IP lawyer, your work is never done… you are the true corporate superhero.

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