Erik Burnham's Writer's Commentary on Red Sonja #19 from Dynamite

Erik Burnham’s Writer’s Commentary on Red Sonja #19 from Dynamite

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Erik Burnham contributes a Writer’s Commentary on Red Sonja #19 from Dynamite that came out last week. Any other writers or artists who would like to submit similar are welcome to. He writes:

Erik Burnham here. I put this one together with mastermind Amy Chu, Carlos Gomez nailed the lineart (as always), Mohan prettied it up with color, and this issue has Tom Napolitano putting all the right words in all the right places.

A nod to our killer covers — Sean Chen & Cris Peter were on Cover A, Tom Mandrake & Sian Mandrake on Cover B, Cover C was by Jan Duursema and Sian Mandrake, Cover E comes from John Royle & Juan Fernandez, and we can’t forget the cosplay variant on Cover D. I’m sure some of you out there still can’t forget the cosplay variants!

Thanks to our editorial corps of Joseph Rybandt, Luke Lieberman, and Anthony Marques for getting everything squared away.

And now: TO THE STORY!

This is Rusa Sandak, saying the kind of thing dudes that look like this often say (usually in bars the world over, and often juuuust before last call).

But the proposition isn’t usually about evicting people. Note Lera’s wording here.

And also, how about that big tank of water? Wonder what that could be for… the answer isn’t for a few issues, sorry. But hey! At least we know it’s expensive!

PAGES 04-06
Remember how, thirty-some words ago, I suggested you take note of Lera’s wording? Here’s where THAT pays off.

Sonja doesn’t like others to agree to jobs for her, y’see, but Lera was careful not to do so directly. Tricky lady, but it almost got her choked out!

Off to the village, where they find a bunch of unhappy people. (Or, as Sonja puts it, ‘typical Cimmerians.’)

PAGES 07-10
And, after one more passive-aggressive (as opposed to regular-aggressive) dig at Lera, we get back to some action.

An old lady — killed in the streets? It can only be the Followers of Kulan Gath!!

And who’s that on page 10? That shadowy figure? Hmmm….

Hey, Sonja cut someone off at the waist this time. I think that’s relatively new. Carlos, were you getting sick of decapitation scenes?

Waist not, want not, I guess.

And another great expression from Sonja in panel 2. I’ve said it many times, but Carlos is fantastic with character acting.

PAGES 13-15
Lera visiting Sandak.

Sandak has such an oily expression to his design and the eating of a greasy chicken while Lera makes her appeal plays that up pretty well.

Lera’s quick thinking — “make Sonja part of the tourist attraction” — was a great way to sneak in a flashback montage which, again, Carlos made look so cool.

PAGES 16-17
Sonja in a tavern, winning some mead, as one does, when Lera returns and explains what she told Sandak.

Sonja is, predictably, not happy with that.

All of this was an excuse to set up that joke at the end of page 17.

Now I’m thinking of The Jerk. “I don’t need anything. Except this bottle of mead.”

PAGES 18-19
Heavy mists covering the ground, and predictably, Sonja trips on something.

Or someone.

Someone who recognizes the sword she wields.

She literally tripped over the guy she was looking for — Lord Skath himself! We’ve tied it back to issue 17 and are ready to continue on.

Can Sonja help Skath get his groove, kingdom and possibly sword back?

We’ll find out soon!

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