Disney is Betting the Farm on Their Streaming Service in 2019

Disney is Betting the Farm on Their Streaming Service in 2019

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Disney just finished up their third quarter conference call and overall it didn’t contain as much information as some might have hoped. However, they did spend a decent amount of time detailing of the in’s and out’s of the 21st Century Fox deal.

Bob Iger went on to say that they will be exploring all possibilities with the new franchises they are gaining in the deal. That is by no means a confirmation of anything related to the X-Men, Fantastic Four, or Deadpool on the big or small screen yet. Iger was merely saying that they have these brands and they will be utilizing them to their full potential.

They also plan to utilize stations like FX and National Geographic to help expand what we’re going to see in the streaming service and on TV.

As far as Fox Searchlight goes they listed the amount of Oscars the studio was nominated for last year and the fact that a Searchlight movie won best picture and said they’re basically going to leave it alone. They will provide financial backing but it sounds like Disney isn’t looking to fix what isn’t broken.

Finally, the Disney streaming service was a huge topic of conversation and it is something we learned more about. Multiple people said that the cost will reflect that this service will not have as much content as Netflix. They are putting a lot of faith in the new movies and TV shows that will end up on the service. It appears that Disney will be launching the service with its primary focus on those new movies and TV shows and less on the back content. A lot of their properties are currently tied up in rights deals at other Networks. As they acquire those rights the back catalog of this service will grow. So you can expect a lot of new content when the services launches in mid to late 2019.

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