Dan Slott Doesn’t Seem to Be Entirely Up on Fantastic Four #1’s Variant Covers

Decisions regarding variant covers on launch titles from Marvel are often made by marketing rather than editorial, especially when it comes to those retailer exclusive variant covers that individual retailers can order. With the launch of some titles, there can be so many that it’s hard for anyone to keep a grip on just how many there are.

Such as with Fantastic Four #1 out tomorrow. Over the weekend, Bleeding Cool ran a collection of all of the Retailer Exclusive Variant covers we could, only for the writer of the Fantastic Four, Dan Slott himself, to drop into our comments to say:

While, like with most books that have a #1, there will be many variant covers, Bleeding Cool has mistakenly included a number of covers here that will appear on other Marvel titles (ASM, Immortal Hulk, etc) and not on this Wednesday’s Fantastic Four #1.

Au contraire, Dan. Because while Marvel is, indeed, running Fantastic Four variant covers on other titles, such as Amazing Spider-Man #4…

…and Immortal Hulk #4…

…they are also letting some retailers sell those self-same covers exclusively as Virgin Variant covers, without the trade dress — specifically Unknown Comic Books. Here are the full front and back versions of those covers, as ascribed to Unknown Comic Books in that original article.

And that’s the same with all the other variants like that we ran as well. Unknown Comic Books has nine separate exclusive virgin variant covers for Fantastic Four #1.

I mean, there’s no reason why Dan Slott should be totally up on what variant covers his launch comic book has. But maybe worth checking before making pronouncements about someone else who at least had a go?

Fantastic Four #1 is launched tomorrow — or in midnight launches tonight. Slott will be signing at Forbidden Planet London tomorrow. I think I might make myself scarce, yes?

You can read an advance review of Fantastic Four #1 here.

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