Chip Zdarsky Leaves Spectacular Spider-Man, Draws His Final Issue

Chip Zdarsky Leaves Spectacular Spider-Man, Draws His Final Issue

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When you post the word ‘Spiderman’ instead of ‘Spider-Man’ on Reddit r/comicbooks, a helpful bot pops up you correct you of your error. And that’s what happened to Peter Parker, Spectacular Spider-Man writer Chip Zdarsky‘s first post in a two hour Q&A today.

Regarding the hyphen he wrote

I actually hate it!! I think it needs to be a PROPER name, not some descriptor, which is what “SPIDER-MAN” sounds like. “Oh look, it’s a spider man!” It’s so wishy-washy! Imagine calling SUPERMAN “Super-Man”! How weak is that???

Pretty weak, Chip, pretty weak. He also has a Marvel pitch that features heavily a certain Howard The Duck. But for Peter Parker, the Spectacular Spider-Man it looks like September’s issue #310 will be the last. He writes,

The two-part Sandman story with Chris Bachalo(!) coming up is GORGEOUS! We’re doing some new things with the character that I think people will like. After that, I’m writing AND illustrating issue 310, which is nerve-wracking as it turns out I do not know how to draw.

It’ll also be my last issue on the series. Which was an incredibly hard decision to make, but the timing felt right. My biggest regret is that, talking with Nick Spencer, the stuff coming up in AMAZING is so great that I wished I could stick around to play in the world he’s making.

We’ve heard a Spectacular Spider-Man relaunch is on the way and this may be the reason, though Sean Ryan will be writing October’s #311 as part of Spider-Geddon.

Here’s the solicit for September… and it’s a final issue that Chip will be drawing himself.

COVER BY Adam Kubert
• A very special issue of SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN written AND drawn by CHIP ZDARSKY!
• When filmmakers set out to document Spider-Man’s impact on New York City, they couldn’t have
predicted what was going to happen to them next.
32 PGS./Rated T …$3.99

Time’s out…

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