WWE's Matt Hardy Describes the Wrestling Move That's Causing His Pelvis to Fuse with His Back

WWE’s Matt Hardy Describes the Wrestling Move That’s Causing His Pelvis to Fuse with His Back

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Has WWE Superstar Matt Hardy literally become too #Broken to compete? Hardy set fans speculating on his future over the weekend when he posted a message to social media that sounded a lot like a retirement announcement.

Hardy’s tweet wasn’t an outright signal that he’s set to retire, but at 43 years old and wrestling since 1992, Hardy has a lot of miles on his body. And many of those miles were spent taking dangerous bumps in the ring that could cause permanent damage.

One of those is a move called Event Omega, in which Hardy performs a flying leg drop off the top rope. Previous superstars who use a leg drop often, like Hulk Hogan, have suffered problems from performing the move from a standing position on the mat, so it’s no surprise that performing the move regularly from the top rope could have drastic consequences.

That seems to be the case with Hardy, who filled in another piece of the puzzle on Sunday when he tweeted that the move has caused his lower back to begin fusing with his pelvis.

As it stands, Hardy hasn’t made an official announcement about his retirement, but at the very least he’ll presumably be laying off the high-risk maneuvers in the future. Thankfully, if Hardy does decide to retire from in-ring competition, his “woken” character could find longevity as a manager or other on-screen character… wait, we forgot WWE doesn’t use managers anymore for some reason. Get back in that ring, Matt!

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