Bleeding Cool Bestseller List 5th August 2018 – Batman’s Gone To Seeds….

This is the Top 10 Bleeding Cool Bestseller List, as compiled by a number of comic stores from their sales on Wednesday and Thursday. It measures what are known as the “Wednesday Warriors”, those who can’t wait till the weekend to get this week’s comics. We salute you, and the keenness you bring to your passion. This is the only chart that measures actual sales in comic book stores.

It’s a Batman week so, of course, it’s the best-seller. But not in every store. Infinity Wars is also all over the place, often topping the list but in some stores not present in their top ten at all. Captain America, Cosmic Ghost Rider and Immortal Hulk are strong performers after their launch. And Seeds by Ann Nocenti and David Aja made a surprise appearance after some very strong individual store performances, and is the first of the Berger Books to make it into the Bleeding Cool top ten.

  1. Batman #52
  2. Justice League #5
  3. Infinity Wars #1
  4. Captain America #2
  5. Mister Miracle #10
  6. Adventures of Super Sons #1
  7. Walking Dead #182
  8. Immortal Hulk #4
  9. Cosmic Ghost Rider #2
  10. Seeds #1

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Things sure are heating up across all corner of comics… Tom King still nabs the top two spots with his one-two punch of Batman & Mister Miracle. Marvel’s making great strides themselves with Cap, Hulk and Cosmic Ghost Rider all charting high. And Rick Remender reminded everyone how much ass he kicks with the return of Seven to Eternity! Great week for comics all around.


Nothing new to report here, Batman came out this week so Batman was #1. Walking Dead also came out so it was also top 3. Infinity Wars has generated a lot more interest than Infinity Wars Countdown and Justice League is still reaching a wide market.


Marvel sits on top of this weeks FFF Top Ten list with Infinity Wars at #1. The Prime issue from last week got people excited and pushed this series well beyond what we were selling for the Countdown prelude series. Hopefully the hype that pushed the book out of the gates can maintain the series through to the end. Batman was close behind with another stellar issue with Justice League just behind the Bat. For the rest of Marvel, Cosmic Ghost Rider continues to sell well with both fans of Donny Cates and new readers. Immortal Hulk has also been pretty popular with our customers. We went from one sub for Totally Awesome Hulk to selling upwards of 15 copies of Immortal Hulk on its first week. People wanted Bruce Banner and “their” Hulk back. It also doesn’t hurt that the book is being written by the amazing Al Ewing. Project Superpowers was the surprise seller of this week at #10. We sold a good amount of the #0 issue when it came out, but that was also a 10 cent issue. It’s cool to see a non-mainstream super hero book do so well.


Weak sales week. Batman, while still taking the top is dropping readers issue to issue and at this rate Justice League will overtake Batman in sales in a few more issues. Immortal Hulk still sold out even with what I thought would be plenty of issues ordered. Immortal Hulk is doing very well. Walking Dead managed to prove it is a top ten book with it’s latest issue. Spoiler after this sentence. What if Thanos died and no one cared? Infinity Wars 1 did not make it into the top ten for us. We ordered plenty and that currently is looking like a mistake. Infinity Countdown even did a lot better. Hopefully just a lot of customers out of town this week on vacation with summer coming to a close.


While Marvel dominated most of the list, the ruling spots wen to DC with BATMAN, JUSTICE LEAGUE, and MISTER MIRACLE taking 1st through 3rd place respectively. Marvel’s strongest sellers overall were CAPTAIN AMERICA and IMMORTAL HULK.

This week’s two #1’s -ADVENTURES OF THE SUPER SONS and INFINITY WARS- both sold fine, but coming in at the middle of the list don’t seem to have made much of a splash as first issues.

Not much remarkable about this week overall, though it is good to see SEVEN TO ETERNITY breaking up the Marvel/DC party a bit.


Six DCs, three Marvels, and one Image title make our store’s Top Ten this week. No surprises in the first two slots–Batman and Justice League–but a third-place finish for Super Sons (ahead of Infinity Wars, Marvel’s big event push for the next couple of months) was most definitely surprising. Fans love Damian and Jonathan, apparently! Walking Dead crept into tenth place this week, helped by another great Bill Sienkiewicz variant.


With notable sales

  • Defenders #28 FN $30
  • X-Factor #6 VF/F $20
  • Thor God of Thunder #2 VF $15
  • Omega Men #3 NM $80

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