Elon Musk Wants Help Putting Games In Tesla Cars

Elon Musk Wants Help Putting Games In Tesla Cars

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Elon Musk has tweeted out a request, asking game developers to pitch his company to potentially make for Tesla cars.

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Elon Musk tweets some pretty wild stuff, all of the time. You could fill a whole blog just about some of the out there ideas he has, be they ethically questionable and not entirely effective all the time (see his recently submarine efforts.) Today though, he is out there with something more innocuous, but equally interesting.

The business magnate and engineer took to Twitter last evening to put out a call to game developers about potentially putting video games into the Tesla Inc. cars. While this certainly raises some important questions, Musk said that he is looking to put games into the central car screens for future cars. In the tweet, he said:

This all spawned from the fact that Atari has agreed to allow several ‘classic’ games be added in Tasla v9.0, coming in jsut a few weeks. He said:

Now, I know what you are thinking. It is probably a bad idea to put a video game into a car. That is an accident waiting to happen. You would have to imagine (hope) that the right safety checks and balances would be strenuously tested. I can see the appeal of something simple being added to the car to poke around with when stuck in traffic though. As to waht kinds of games? Who knows. Probably Fortnite. Fortnite comes to everything.

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