X-Men Red Writer Tom Taylor Vies for Spider-Man Job, Hypes 2 Huge Revelations for X-Men Fans

Tom Taylor wrote a beloved run on All-New Wolverine and is currently the writer of X-Men Red, but with a big Uncanny X-Men reboot around the corner, who knows how long that job will last? With that in mind, perhaps, Taylor took to Twitter to tout his skills writing Spider-Man in Hunt for Wolverine: The Adamantium Agenda.

Taylor even tagged Marvel in his post, writing, “Have loved getting a chance to write Spidey for @Marvel. Hoping to write far more.” Could Taylor be angling for a job on one of the Spider-Man books? If we take everything on Twitter as literally as possible — which is how it’s meant to be done — we would have no choice but to say: probably.

Of course, Taylor also offered a tease for the final issue of Adamantium Agenda, which is in stores next week, hinting at two huge revelations for fans of X-23 and the X-Men in general. And we know it won’t be Wolverine coming back because that’s not scheduled to happen until the next mini-series.

We would never accuse anyone at Marvel of engaging in hyperbole. Hunt for Wolverine (But Don’t Find Him): The Adamantium Agenda #4 is in stores next Wednesday.

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