Sean Gunn Comments on the Petition and the Open Letter Supporting Rehiring James Gunn

Sean Gunn Comments on the Petition and the Open Letter Supporting Rehiring James Gunn

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On the 30th of June the cast of Guardians of the Galaxy released an open letter confirming their support for fired director James Gunn. The letter, which explicitly says that they support the man but acknowledge that the tweets in question were not appropriate, has garnered mixed reactions from fans. Sean Gunn, the brother of James Gunn who plays Kraglin and is on the on set actor for Rocket Raccoon, spoke to TMZ (via CinemaBlend) about his decision to sign the letter and petition.

I’m not really in that game of figuring out what a massive media company is going to do, but I’m just happy to support my brother. I’m happy to see other people support him. There’s been a lot of lies spread about him. I think most people understand that they are lies; it’s mostly a lot of just people trying to destroy his character. I just want to see what the fans think from here on out. I hope everyone stops and listens for a minute instead of is quick to speak. The statement we made speaks for itself.

The petition in question now has over 350,000 signatures and appears to be going strong. The narrative surrounding this firing appears to be evolving every day. While there are plenty of fans that want Gunn to finish his trilogy of movies there is also the idea of whether or not someone can change as time goes on.

The tweets in question are disgusting but Gunn has made it clear he has changed in the recent years and acknowledged that he was wrong. The main theme of the Guardians movies is terrible people evolving, changing, and becoming better. Should someone be on the hook for something terrible they said years ago when they have made an effort to improve themselves? Your personal mileage on that question might vary but it sounds like the cast of Guardians is coming down hard on the side of forgiveness.

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