Donny Cates Continues To Watch Too Much Deadpool 2 When Writing Cosmic Ghost Rider (Spoilers)

One of two things happened when Donny Cates watched Deadpool 2. He either thought ‘damn that’s very close to my big plans for Cosmic Ghost Rider, but who cares, no one will actually see this film’ or he thought ‘homagetastic, where’s my pen?’

Last month we noted that Cosmic Ghost Rider #1  went the way of one of Deadpool’s deleted scenes, the killing-Hitler-as-a-baby bit, as well as the idea of a character going back in time to deal with a menace when it was a child. Just like Cable did in Deadpool 2.

I mean, yes, it’s been done before, and Cable himself seems modelled on the Terminator, so there’s that too.

But Cosmic Ghost Rider revealed itself to be more like Lone Wolf and Cub, with Frank Castle, the Cosmic Ghost Rider, getting suddenly very possessive of the baby Thanos he’d travelled to kill, Something about those big eyes…

But, the draw of Deadpool 2 is a strong one. And even as The Watcher basically mocks Frank Castle…

It suddenly gets even more Deadpool Too-ey out there.

And now Cable comes back in time to kill the kid.

Man, that must have been an interesting time to have sat in the seat adjacent to Donny…

(W) Donny Cates (A) Dylan Burnett (CA) Geoff Shaw
The Rider is out to change the universe for the better, starting with an idea so simple he cannot believe no one has ever done it before! But as with all things worth doing, it’s not going to be easy. For one thing: SPACE SHARKS. For another? Let’s just say it’s never good to run into Galactus during a bar fight.
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