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The PlayStation 4 Has Reportedly Shipped 82 Million Units

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Sony has announced in a recent financial report that it’s shipped a staggering 82 million PlayStation 4 consoles to date.

PlayStation 4

Before this generation started, there was a lot of speculation surrounding the future of console gaming. Many analysts suspected this generation could underperform, with many wondering if this could be the last home console gaming generation (I remember, I was there). That turned out to not be true, with the PlayStation 4 (and to a much lesser extent the Xbox One) flying past their predecessor’s previous consoles sales figures. That has only continued through the life of the consoles, especially with upgraded versions like the PlayStation Pro and the Xbox One X making waves.

Well, we now have some numbers that make for interesting reading from Sony. The company has announced in a three-month financial report, that between April and June the company had shipped 3.2 million PlayStation 4 units. Taking the last shared total from the end of March (as pointed out by SegmentNext), which was 79 million, you can get to an 82.2 million total. It’s imperfect, but certainly gives us a decent idea of the numbers.

This also makes for interesting reading because it means the console could have already outsold the PlayStation 3, which in its active years tapped out at around 80 million units sold. Sony hasn’t announced that specifically yet, so maybe take it with a grain of salt, but if it hasn’t yet, it’s very close.

With noise growing of a PlayStation 5, this certainly is an interesting number. The speculation is that we might hear something about that console in or around two years, which means the PlayStation 4 still has a decent way to go.

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