The Ballad of Metalshark Bro! Or, is Walter Ostlie the New Christian Ward?

By Bob Frantz

Metalshark Bro was born on the long and desolate highways of West Virginia. In the early hours of a brisk and foggy October morn, I, a weary and homesick writer heard a radio DJ read a news story about scientist placing speakers blasting AC/DC in water to gauge the reaction of sharks. An idea went off like a bomb in my skull. I frantically phoned my friend and co-writer, the majestically bearded Kevin Cuffe to discuss this revelation! Over the next 7 hours, Kevin and I giggled like stoned teenagers as we transformed this news story into the saga of the demonic, half-man, half-shark killing machine!

Kevin and I knew our idea was a winner but they needed an artist to bring the idea to life! Not just any artist, mind you! This project required a powerful artist. One that works in dynamic lines and vibrant colors. We knew only one artist could handle such a mighty task! His name was Walter Ostlie!

Team Metalshark Bro (which is what I decided to call the three of us) pleaded with the ancient comic gods to send them a worthy editor and letterer to help them further shape their tale of woe and revenge. The wise ones answered with letterer/editor Shawn Greenleaf and editor Chas Pangburn, thus rounding out the creative team.

Fast forward to the present! Here we are, in the jaws of this savage beast know as a Kickstarter campaign! To date, we’re about 50% to our goal, but the campaign closes out on August 8th. As you’d expect, it’s taken a hell of lot of coffee and DIY ethics to get to this point. Yet again, if you’d like to toss in a few bucks to help out, our Kickstarter can be found at

As a special offer for Bleeding Cool readers, tell us that Bleeding Cool referred you and we’ll add in a free print to your *physical* order.

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