San Diego Right Before Comic-Con: The Calm Before the Storm

San Diego is a beautiful city. Granted, I’ve only been twice, but I’m a sucker for a city by the water. In the days leading up to San Diego Comic-Con (the largest comic con in the US), shops, restaurants, and people alike prepare for the almost week-long celebration. From sales to food specials, there’s something for everyone even if you’re not at the con!

We didn’t get a chance to capture everything, as this city and con basically become one. But if you need a reason to check out what’s beyond the convention hall, check out some of the shots below. It’s amazing how the city transforms itself!

About Veronica Webb

Veronica Webb is a self professed comic book nerd, with a strong focus on Archie and Golden Age comics. She also enjoys Disney World more than the average person, and bad movies. Speed Racer is one of her favorite movies. Seriously.