Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Getting More Gear and Options in Next Update

Nintendo will be releasing their next patch for Xenoblade Chronicles 2 this Friday, and there are a few key additions that look to enhance the story. We have a combination of notes below gathered by RPG Site from other places after people combed through and datamined the official update on Nintendo's Japanese website, but the biggest items to take note of are the addition of the Rare Blade Hibana and the final quest pack which will have five news adventures for you to undertake.

  • The largest new content update is another new blade, Hibana, a fire-attribute bit ball wielding Healer type. She can be acquired via  a new quest.
  • A final set of 5 new quests will also be available, many requiring certain Rare Blades.
  • New Expert and Custom difficulty options. Custom likely refers to the above difficulty slider menu, which allows several components of the game's combat to be tweaked to the player's liking. This functionality and screenshot was not provided officially, but originally unearthed earlier this year through data-mining.
  • When Shulk and Fiora are in the active party, the battle music when facing off against Unique Monsters can be set to You Will Know Our Names.
  • Finally, new items will also be available via trading Nopon Crystals in the challenge battle mode, including more costumes and items that raise Tora's Idea stat.

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