Check Out 83 Pics From the Mezco Toyz Booth at SDCC! One:12 Collective, Living Dead Dolls, and More!

Mezco Toyz once again had one of the must-see booths for collectors on the SDCC floor this year. Some of the best looking figures are the many offerings from their One:12 Collective line. I mean, look at that Lockjaw. That may have been the the best figure on the floor period. If not Lockjaw, Kong wowed in two different scales. Michael Myers and Jason look fantastic, and more characters from Marvel, DC, and cult classics like The Warriors really made it hard to look away from their cases.

Also on full display were a bunch of new Living Dead Dolls. The popular line is adding a Michael Myers and even more of the quality dolls that we have come to expect from Mezco and the line itself. All of the various horror-themed items like jack-in-the-boxes, puzzle cubes (guess which horror film got a puzzle box!), horror pillow figures of favorites like Pennywise, Chucky, and other icons. Rounding the booth out were their popular Designer Series figures. Even more horror icons here, like Sam from Trick R Treat (I have this one and its awesome), Pennywise, Exorcist, Chucky, and more.

Check out all of that and more down below!

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