Twitch Announces New Streaming Help Service Called Creator Camp

This morning Twitch announced a brand-new initiative for aspiring streamers as well as popular streams with their new Creator Camp. The purpose of this new service, which will be free to use on the site, is to learn the basics all the way to the extremely complicated ways of creating a stream and making it work. These videos are made by popular streamers who have learned how to do it and are willing to share tips with you, with people such as Gassy Mexican, DeeJay Knight, Pms Proxy, and KayPeaLoL showing you how. Here’s a quick quote from the company about this new initiative.


“Hosting a good stream isn’easy. We’ve heard from many of our creators that they spend a lot of time searching for advice on effective tools, features, and techniques in order to make their broadcasts more engaging and to grow their communities,” said Jessica Messinger, Creator Growth Marketing Manager, Twitch. “Twitch Creator Camp makes things simpler by centralizing the most relevant information to a creator’s success, all of which is provided by Twitch and many of our successful Partners. We want to help our creators succeed and this is just the beginning.”

Right now you can see videos on a couple of topics like the basics, improving your page, learning how to engage, and generating revenue, all of which you can check out at this link. The company will also be doing live broadcasts starting on July 31st at 2 p.m. PDT where they will have several Twitch partners answering live questions.

This is actually an exciting prospect from our perspective as you’re getting a one-on-one session with some of the best of the best who have learned these lessons the hard way, and are now passing on the knowledge to you. It doesn’t guarantee success, but it’s far better than going in cold.

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