Surviving Purge City on the Streets of San Diego For Comic-Con

Words by: Brandon Wainerdi (@ActuallyBrandon)

Photos by: Jason Kauzlarich (@TheyLiveObey)

Hot off the release of The First Purge, USA Network brings 28th Amendment to the streets of San Diego to promote its new Purge-universe television series.

Just like how characters in the movies had “Purge Parties” to celebrate the holiday, USA smartly decided to bring the party planning to the people with a faux “Purge City” storefront.

After about an hour of waiting in line, we were given $20 worth of “Purge Dollars” to shop ‘til we dropped for some important necessities for the night.

Of course, there were hats, shirts, bumper stickers and your normal standard San Diego Comic Con swag, but they also had some really unique items like a Purge Night emergency candle, greeting cards with fun messages, seeds to grow your own Blue Purge Glory flowers, stain remover in case you get messy during the purge and your very own copy of the 28th Amendment.

Littered around the space, they also brought in other products that were just for display: masks, body armour for you (and your dog) , a card game and a splatter-proof poncho.

For a convention year that hasn’t had that many buzzworthy offsites, Purge City was definitely a unique brand activation that we consider one of the best things to check out on the streets of the Gaslamp District.

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