San Diego Zoo Joins In the Comics Exclusives With Vixen And The Justice League: Wildlife Heroes

This year, as San Diego Comic-Con kicked off, San Diego Zoo Global got fed up with everyone ignoring them for a week and decided to do something about it.

They crossed the line, talked to enemy forces and, with the collusion of DC Comics, created a brand-new, limited-edition comic book only available at the zoo. Vixen and the Justice League: Wildlife Heroes. Well, that is one way to get a comic with a woman POC lead at DC Comics. The other is to be already be drawing Kick-Ass and just keep going.

Focusing on saving species from extinction, the limited edition comic has been available free at the zoo through the show – while those going to the zoo wearing DC Comics clothing get 20% off th entrance fee.

The comic sees the Justice League rescue of wildlife from threats and poachers – something close to Vixen’s heart, whose mother was killed by them. The comic highlights what the zoo dub the current extinction crisis and the importance of supporting conservation to save species, in the light of what is also being called the sixth mass extinction of animals and plants.

And for those who can’t get to the show or the zoo, they are already being flipped for $5.99 on eBay…

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