The Batman Who Laughs Returns in New Mini, Plus a New Killer Batman with a Gun

The Batman Who Laughs Returns in New Mini by Snyder and Jock, Plus a New Killer Batman with a Gun

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We’ve already got three Jokers, so it makes sense that DC Comics announced yet another Batman at San Diego Comic-Con tonight. This new Batman is one who took Joe Chill’s gun from him in the alley and killed him. This Batman will debut in the new series The Batman Who Laughs by Scott Snyder and Jock, spinning out of Dark Nights: Metal, as a sort-of-sidekick to the titular laughing Batman.

Bleeding Cool Ace Reporter Marcos Salinas is on the scene at the panel, sending us the following live report:

The Batman who laughs is the terrifying batman who haunts the dreams of Bruce Wayne. A foe who acts as a dark mirror to the ways of the otherwise righteous Batman. He’s scoured the multiverse and dark multiverse after the shattering of the source wall and found the one thing Batman never wanted, a version of himself holding the very gun that Joe Chill used to kill his parents, long dried of the blood of its original owner. This version of Batman is the deadliest hunter of Gotham Night

You get a Batman! And you get a Batman! And you get a Batman! Stay tuned to Bleeding Cool for news on all the latest Batmans!


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