Did You Know Nintendo Once Had a Tingle Horror Game in the Works?

Would you have played a horror game staring The Legend of Zelda character Tingle? Apparently, Nintendo had one in the works! In an interview with Kotaku, Nintendo producer Kensuke Tanabe revealed that there was a very real movement to make the game with developer Vanpool until it was canceled. Here’s a snippet from the article.


Vanpool makes odd stuff and was going to make another strange title in 2010 that somehow led to the original Dillon’s Rolling Western. “Looking back eight years ago, we were developing a horror game with Vanpool that starred Tingle as the main character,” Tanabe said, “but that project was canceled due to a variety of reasons.” Nintendo kept in touch with Tokyo studio and, Tanabe said, Vanpool developed a prototype for a game featuring a main character that rolled and was controlled with “slingshot controls” that were input with a stylus on a touch screen.

Personally speaking… what an oddity! You think of all the things Nintendo could do with its characters and vast resources, and then you find you that this was a real idea that was in the works. But it does beg the question: Would you have purchased and played a horror game with Tingle in it?

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