Resident Evil 2's Story Will Not Be the Same as the Original

Resident Evil 2’s Story Will Not Be the Same as the Original

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We already took notice during our playthrough of Resident Evil 2 at E3 this year that there are parts of the story that don’t match the original. In an interview with Gaming Bolt, Capcom’s brand manager Mike Lunn confirmed this by saying that the experience is going to be much “deeper” than the original PS1 version. Here’s a quote from the interview.


You’ve claimed that you’re doing for a deeper narrative experience with RE2 2019. Is that referring more to narrative being aided by improved visuals, or have you done restructuring of story and rewriting or other things like that to improve upon the original game’s narrative?

Definitely both. For example, there will be places in the original game, that you just drove by, or maybe just walked by, or people that you talk to maybe had a handful of sentences. You’re really going to have deeper experiences with those. Sometimes you can actually go on and play for an extended period. Sometimes you have a little bit more deeper story with that person. They’re more involved than they were in the previous game. I can’t get into what those are, obviously. The narrative is definitely enhanced but I can’t get into what those are, obviously.

This is actually something we expected to happen the minute we saw it, as some of you may recall, Resident Evil HD Remaster brought back Neptune the giant messed up shark who wasn’t in the original game due to costs and tech at the time. So it wouldn’t shock us if we discovered some new tidbits added to Resident Evil 2 that were either part of the original plan or were created to make the story longer.

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