First Look at Iron Fist Season 2 Confirmed for Tomorrow at SDCC

First Look at Iron Fist Season 2 Confirmed for Tomorrow at SDCC

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It sounds like fans of Iron Fist (or those looking for a glimpse of hope for a better second season) have something to look forward to tomorrow. The official Twitter account just confirmed that fans who make it into Ballroom 20 for the panel tomorrow at Comic-Con International will get a first look at the second season of the Marvel Netflix show.

Yesterday they also shared a short image of the Iron Fist logo all lit up in green. Then the lights flicker and it goes just to the dragon symbol in red.

The symbol change is likely a reference to Steel Serpent, who is one of Iron Fist’s most common villain. He’s already around in the universe because it’s Davos, as played by Sacha Dhawan. So perhaps we’ll see him step into a more villainous role this season.

The first season of Iron Fist was absolutely slaughtered by critics and fans alike. However, the reception to the character improved slightly after the release of the first season of The Defenders and a lot after Iron Fist’s brief appearance in the second season of Luke Cage. The problems with the first season came down on the showrunner, who has been replaced for the second season, and star Finn Jones having no time to learn the fight choreography. We can hope the latter problem is fixed for the second season.

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