Epic Games Has Earned $1 Billion in Fortnite in-Game Purchases

Epic Games Has Earned $1 Billion in Fortnite in-Game Purchases

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Fortnite developer Epic Games hasn’t ever quantified exactly how much they’ve made off of their hit battle royale game, but that’s what market research firm SuperData Research is here for. According to the research firm, Epic Games has raked in more that $1 billion USD through in-game purchases alone. That doesn’t even account for the number of players who have purchased access to Fortnite‘s Save the World mode.

From GamesIndustry.biz:

Market research firm Superdata has published a report on Fortnite and battle royale games in general that includes this figure, as well as a non-specific visual aid indicating that its monthly revenue has only increased each month from October 2017 to May of this year.

Looking at past Superdata reports shows more specific numbers, including $223 million in revenue for March and a slower growth to $318 million for May.

Superdata’s report also notes that the battle royale genre in general is by far the most popular genre of gaming content across all platforms. Viewers watched almost 700 million hours of battle royale content in May, with MOBAs coming in second at close to 275 million. Fortnite accounted for 83% of those 700 million hours.

While we’ve known for quite some time that Fortnite was an absolute cash cow for Epic, we didn’t have much quantitative data to back up the observation. Given the popularity of battle royale games in general, and Fortnite specifically, the game’s estimated in-game purchase sales numbers aren’t a surprise. They function more as a confirmation of what we already knew.

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