Base Game and Previous Expansions Now Part of World of Warcraft's Subscription

Blizzard has simplified its entry into World of Warcraft by bundling the base game and all the previous expansions into the subscription fee.

World of Warcraft

It's pretty wild that World of Warcraft's is still running on a subscription-based model. Almost all MMOs have transitioned to some type of one-time fee, free to play model or some hybrid of the two. The idea of paying every month for a video game has gone out of vogue, at least for everyone but the juggernaut that sits atop the genre.

World of Warcraft is now simplifying the process of getting into the game now too by way of said subscription. Players will no longer have to purchase a Battle Chest that came with the base game and previous expansions anymore, but rather just hop into the subscription. Getting the subscription will now net you all the previous expansions for the game, and you can start playing once you've paid that. That is everything up until Legion, which is over 10 years of video game, so there is plenty to keep busy with. To start playing World of Warcraft, just head over here and buy your subscription.

Now, this new model will not include the Battle for Azeroth expansion, which is set to launch in just under a month on August 14th, 2019. You will have to buy that separately if you want to keep up to date.

In the grand scheme of things, this doesn't actually really change all that much. Even price wise, the Battle Chest and subscription model are relatively similarly priced. However, it is a nice, simpler way for new players to jump in and stops confusion over how a new player might get on board. It's a smart change and hopefully clears up the process of jumping into World of Warcraft.