Crackdown 3 Won’t Be Delayed Again, Report States

A new report has stated that Crackdown 3 won’t be getting any more delays, even with it coming out in a crowded February 2019.

Crackdown 3
Credit: Microsoft

Crackdown 3 has seemed like a messy production. The game was announced in 2014, with ideas of completely destructible environments and cloud-based processing making for a promising pitch. Fast forward four years and the game still isn’t out, has had many staff changes, has failed to impress at E3 showings and has been delayed several times. It has seemed troubled to say the least.

Well, according to a new report from Eurogamer, it is indeed troubled, but the game is now out of time. It seems Microsoft has run out of patience and that the game will come out during its currently scheduled date of February 22nd, 2019. The report claims that the company is “unwilling” to give the game another delay. The decision for the most recent delay is unsurprising though, with Xbox head Phil Spencer saying he wanted to get Crackdown out from underneath games like Red Dead Redemption 2. Spencer said:

I also wanted to move it to a time where I thought it could be successful. Let’s just say this fall is a little crowded, when you go through Call of Duty, Battlefield, Red Dead, Just Cause, Assassin’s Creed. I wanted to make sure it had time to actually find an audience, where everybody just wasn’t out playing another game.

He added:

It’s hard though. It is financially expensive to extend it. But we did make sure we got the leadership straight in terms of how we’re managing that and who the people are.

Of course, this plan might have backfired as February 22nd, 2019 is currently looking like one of the busiest release days in recent years with Anthem, Days Gone, and Metro Exodus all set to release on the same day. It’s hard to say how all of this will play out, but it does look rough for the Crackdown team. Here’s hoping, after all of this waiting, the game just comes out decent and finds its audience.