You'll Be Able to Download Hitman’s Marrakesh Map Tomorrow for Free

You’ll Be Able to Download Hitman’s Marrakesh Map Tomorrow for Free

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In case you happen to have the reboot of Hitman from 2016 and are lacking some of the DLC chapters, IO Interactive has a deal for you. Tomorrow the company will be launching a Summer Pack for the game, which will include a few special items and one full map in the form of Marrakesh, which you may know better as Chapter Three as part of your globe-trotting missions. This pack is specifically for the original version of the game, as the majority of re-releases like the most recent Definitive Edition all come with the DLC content included.

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At the time, getting some of these missions was a pain in the sniper-hole as you were basically given missions that were an annoyance to complete. After the first two chapters, a lot of people had given up on completing the rest for various reasons, so the majority who have the map already are the hardcore players who stuck with the game. So IO Interactive is basically giving you a Hitman do-over so you can add it to the game and complete the missions involved with the content. The download is for a limited time, but the devs didn’t give an end-date, so go download quickly!

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