People Are Still Finding Secrets in Silent Hill 2 Several Years Later

All these years later and people are still finding little gems inside classic games, like someone did this past week with Silent Hill 2. Dataminers have recently discovered a few tricks up the old game’s sleeve — there’s a hidden mini-map in the game that apparently you can access to make running through the foggy streets faster, as well as the ability to save your game practically anywhere on the map.

Apparently the code is only available in the original PS2 version, so you’ll need to crank out your old console and disc to give this a shot as it’s not on any of the re-releases, digital versions, or remastered versions. Having the map actually makes getting all five of your potential endings faster, including the hard as hell dog ending we still can’t make sense of and don’t understand why Konami put it in Silent Hill 2. But the map will help you get to it faster. Or you can just watch it here since it, too, is 17 years old.

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