Amazon Prime Day Hits the UK – Here Are Some Deals to Keep Your Eye On

Amazon Prime Day has kicked off in the UK and will be launching in the USA and Canada in a few short hours. Basically, a Black Friday that Amazon gets to have all for itself, using it as a way to get people on the Amazon Prime hook for TV and film streaming too.

Still, in for a penny. The UK Amazon Prime signup is here, the US Amazon Prime signup is here, the Canadian Amazon Prime signup is here.

And what are the Bleeding Cool-friendly deals out and about on Amazon? Remember, retailers can order in bulk as well and sell for full markup on non-Amazon Prime Days as well. Some of the deals may give comic stores better deals than Diamond does.

Amazon US has plenty of comic book sales, Marvel Best of 2018 SaleDC Comics First Volumes and Crime Sale, Valiant's Massive Sale, IDW's San Diego Comic-Con sale, Fantagraphics Linewide Sale and Dynamite's own Mega-Sale. Feel free to add the best deals in the comments below. And worthwhile stocking up on, the real deals will hopefully come at 3 p.m. ET.

Naturally, Amazon UK has plenty of deals on Alexa, Echos, Kindles, and Smarthome gubbins to turn your home into the Star Trek Enterprise.

Hell, they've got a whole line of robots.

There are plenty of gaming options, including Xbox Live, Watchdogs 2, Steep, Far Cry 5, Assassin's Creed Origins, South Park, game controllers, and tons more.

Oh, and plenty for the Nintendo Switch, such as South Park and the Fractured but Whole and LEGO Worlds.

But interest goes across the aisle with Marvel movies, games, clothing, and trade paperbacks.

And there has to be love for a LG 65SK8000PLB 65-inch Super UHD 4K HDR TV, with smart features and Freeview Play. Though if that's still not discounted enough, the Toshiba 49U5863DB 4K HDR LED Smart TV with Freeview Play might be more in your range.

There's the Beats by Dr. Dre Solo3 Wireless On-Ear Headphones, if you're a lot cooler than I am.

Or a 6TB Seagate hard drive… yeah, I think that might be what I'll go for.

With convention season coming, the Sony DSC-WX500 Digital Compact High Zoom Travel Camera may be handy.

As might a kid-proof Kindle. Challenge them…

Or drop your own in the Marriott hotel pool with the Kindle Oasis.

What are the deals you can find out there? Let us know in the comments…

And the complete Adventures of Tintinso you can investigate which other territories are to be hit by Amazon Prime Day next.

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