The Doctor's Back - and She's Bringing That Same Copy of The Beano with Her

The Doctor’s Back – and She’s Bringing That Same Copy of The Beano with Her

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Just one glimpse of the Beano comic book in the Matt Smith episode The Rings of Akhaten from 2013…

…was enough for the Beano publishers to reprint that specific Beano Summer Special from 1981.

I wonder what they will do this time, now that five years later, The Doctor has taken Graham’s copy of the Sun…

…and replaced it with that exact same copy of the popular British kids comic book, this time the Summer Special from 1981 — as seen in today’s trailer.

For those unfamiliar, The Beano is one of the longest-running comics in the world, only beaten by Action Comics, though with a weekly schedule, it has knocked out four times as many issues, with issue #4000 scheduled for 2019.

An anthology humour comic for kids, it stars Dennis the Menace and Gnasher, along with regular and irregular characters Minnie the Minx, The Bash Street Kids, Roger the Dodger, Billy Whizz, Tricky Dicky, The Numskulls, Biffo the Bear, Lord Snooty, Baby Face Finlayson and Little Plum, and so many more.

It doesn’t get more British than The Beano. Well, okay, maybe Doctor Who does…

If you want your copy of the original they go for about £5 on eBay. Or wait for DC Thompson to reprint it again?

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