San Diego Bar Running 'Geeks Be Gone' Event the Monday After Comic-Con

San Diego Bar Running ‘Geeks Be Gone’ Event the Monday After Comic-Con

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San Diego bar The Smoking Gun just launched a new event to be held in 10 days time, the day after San Diego Comic-Con.

Entitled ‘Geeks Be Gone’, it celebrates the end of the show and the departure of conventiongoers. It will be celebrating that party people will be reclaiming the Gaslamp District after the Stormtrooper cosplayers have left, with their first Annual Geeks Be Gone party. Promising No Geeks.

Maybe it may be their last? It has generated a few one-star reviews:

Lizbeth Francisco reviewed The Smoking Gun SD — 1 star
Any establishment that goes out of their way to exclude people just because of their interests has to be run by bullies. “Geeks Be Gone”? Really? You can’t let people live? Instead of taking on opportunities to reel in a bunch of new customers (you realize over 160,000 people attend Comic Con, many of them locals?) you decide to stupidly throw a party to exclude them? Comic Con is a place where people who have similar interests gather together to feel like they belong, to meet people just like them and finally be comfortable being themselves in a public setting. We don’t need trash like you to bully them and make them feel unwanted in a safe place they gather every year.

Heather Reading-Maffioli reviewed The Smoking Gun SD — 1 star
Were you unaware of how many SD ComicCon attendees were San Diego Locals? Hmm telling a large group of your potential clientele that you don’t want their money doesn’t seem like the best business decision. Maybe you think there is no hipster/geek crossover population in SD… good luck with that.
Oh, and Hating things that are popular, doesn’t make you interesting.

And since this article was started, it looks like the bar may have removed the event. From public Facebook view, at least.

Geeks Be Gone… Be Gone?

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