Fortnite Keeps Dropping Hints at Season Five Without Saying a Thing

Fortnite Keeps Dropping Hints at Season Five Without Saying a Thing

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We gotta hand it to Epic Games, as they have become masters of stirring the pot about Fortnite without lifting a finger some days. Take, for example, their latest tweet, which already sent a ton of people into a frenzy over what was essentially nothing. As you can see below, the company teased the big reveal of what’s happening for Season 5 again this morning with a simple picture of a new kind of axe/pickaxe in the game that has the same kind of crack in the universe sitting on the blade, and just the words “Fortnite Season 5″ below it.

People immediately lost their shit trying to figure out what this means, while another side of the comments section told people to calm down because it meant nothing. While we applaud the idea and concept of teasing all the way there, we tend to side with the latter as the picture tells you absolutely nothing. Do people honestly expect an axe in the game that can cut through the ethereal planes? Honestly, we don’t even know if that’s a possibility, or if that’s even the story they’re trying to tell everyone. What we do know is we’ll find out in two days, so please, be excited about it but don’t go all rabid over something you can’t define yet.

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