Exclusive Free Lion Forge Dice Bag for Tabletop Panel Attendees at SDCC

Exclusive Free Lion Forge Dice Bag for Tabletop Panel Attendees at San Diego Comic-Con

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Lion Forge, like many other comic book publishers, has a bevvy of exclusive items lined up for San Diego Comic-Con 2018. They are launching the Rolled & Told.#0 comic book at the show, from their new comic book tabletop game imprint Quillion. Rolled & Told #0 is available throughout the show for free in the Lion Forge booth #5543.

But they also have an exclusive freebie for those attending their “Representation in Gaming: From the Comic Shop to the Tabletop” panel on Thursday night, which might even entice you to stay at the show past your teatime and away from the bars.

Representation in Gaming: From the Comic Shop to the Tabletop, Thursday, 7/19/18, 7pm – 8pm, Room: 32AB
Tabletop Roleplaying has been a staple in the nerd community, but it’s found a resurgence with podcasts like Adventure Zone and Critical Role. Now Lion Forge brings readers the perfect combination between a Tabletop RPG magazine and a comic anthology with Rolled & Told! A monthly periodical that offers casual gamers fun filled adventure modules, comics, art, and so much more. Join D20 Dames co-host, Jen Vaughn and Christina “Steenz” Stewart, alongside artists Max Bare and Shing Yin Khor, and writer Josh Trujillo as we discuss where the tabletop gaming industry is going and how inclusive we can continue to make it!

Every attendee will get a free Quillion Dice Bag.

lion forge sdcc 2018 dice bag

They will also have a Voltron exclusive variant by Keezy Young for Voltron S3 #1 for sale for $15 (Qty 400).

And a Superb variant by Anthony Piper for Superb S3 #1 for sale for $15 (Qty 400).

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