Now We’re Seeing Fortnite Llamas Make Appearances in Europe

A couple days ago we talked about how people found a giant Fortnite hamburger in the middle of the desert, but today someone found a llama! Whatever the endgame is for Epic Games will be revealed in a couple days when they show off what the theme behind Season 5 is and what the giant crack in the sky really did. But for now, we get strange puzzles and figures that we’re kind of shocked no one has tried to steal. The latest is a real-world llama piƱata from the game found inside a phone booth in the U.K., with several more spotted throughout Europe on Reddit.


Our personal favorite from the bunch is in Cannes, France, where the llama has found a pretty good tanning spot to check out the lake. The current speculation surrounding the game, if you believe the rumors and the hype not coming from Epic Games, is that it has something to do with time travel. But even if that were the case, it doesn’t explain why these objects would be showing up in what is essentially a different dimension. At least we know we’ll get answers in a few days when the next season goes live on Fortnite on July 12th.

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