Recaps Included in Walmart DC 100-Page Giants, Print Run Increased For Second Issues – But No Reprints of the First

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We’ve been looking at the ways that DC Comics’ adoption of the Walmart exclusive 100 Page Giants are changing the company. We noted how the non-glossy print stock used for the magazines is now being used on the regular comic book line, with Catwoman #1 being the first.

Yesterday, we mentioned that Action Comics #1001 would be the first DC title for an age to include a recap page, summarising the origin of Superman and the recent events of Man Of Steel. Something DC had resisted in the past, with publisher Dan DiDio speaking out against the practice, commonplace at Marvel Comics. And we wondered if it may be adopted across the line.

Yesterday, Dan DiDio posted in reply to questions about the anthologies saying that ‘There are recaps for every story and we upped the print runs for the number two issues. No reprints though.’

There have been reports of instant sellouts of the magazines in Walmarts across the country, though it seems many of these may be sales in bulk from collectors or dealers. eBay sales are from $15 for the first Superman volume to $28 for the first Teen Titans volume.

Word that those first issues will not be reprinted, is likely to drive those prices higher.

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