Bethesda says Fallout 76's Direction Towards Service is Not its New Norm

Bethesda says Fallout 76’s Direction Towards Service is Not its New Norm

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Bethesda’s Todd Howard has quelled the fear that they are moving away from single player experiences in light of Fallout 76 and says that using the developer’s games as a service is not the new norm.

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Fallout 76 is a big departure for most of Bethesda’s output. Especially on the internal development side, the team is known for its sprawling single-player RPGs, so when it was announced that the team was making a persistent online game, alarm bells in the core audience have been going off. Is this a shift in the developer’s current portfolio?

Well, seemingly not. Bethesda’s Todd Howard has been out saying that the developer moving into the service-driven area of development is not the new exclusive norm. Speaking to, Howard reminds that Bethesda has several service-based games out there and that contained experiences are still on the menu:

It doesn’t mark the future. Corporately we’ve done a mix; people forget sometimes. Elder Scrolls online is one of the biggest online games in the world, we have Fallout Shelter which we keep updating, and Elder Scrolls: Legends. Anyone who has ever said ‘this is the future and this part of gaming is dead’ has been proven wrong every single time. We like to try it all. For a long time, we wanted to try a multiplayer game and we had this idea. We shouldn’t be afraid. We should try it.

It is easy to forget about Bethesda’s current online slate, but it is true the team has a lot in that space. The Elder Scrolls Online has seen a bit of a resurgence of late and that should hold good stead for Fallout 76. Here’s hoping it all comes together.

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