How Unpopular Will Donny Cates Be Today? [Death of the Inhumans #1 Spoilers]

Posted by July 4, 2018 Comment

Donny Cates is Marvel’s new wunderkind. Picked kicking and screaming after his success on Redneck and God Country from Image Comics, after what seemed like years in the wilderness working for Bleeding Cool and Dark Horse, today/last night saw/sees the launch of two of his Marvel books, Death of the Inhumans #1 and Cosmic Ghost Rider #1.

And there’s already a reaction. Especially to the first one. You can find out why in this Final Page Spoiler post here — and read the less-spoilery reaction below.

And Donny knows what’s coming. As we pointed out regarding this, he is a repeat performer…

Still, some want to hear him out.

It’s a trap, Donny. Don’t worry, Donny. We still love you.

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