Thunderful Acquires Rising Star Games, Has Already Made Changes

Earlier today, Thunderful Games announced that they had fully acquired Rising Star Games, including all assets and their U.K. and U.S. offices. The Sweden-based company sent out a post this morning on their website about the news, along with the fact that they’ve appointed a new Managing Director in Ed Valiente. So far, it looks like Rising Star will operate as its own entity away from Thunderful and not be completely merged with the company.

If you’re not familiar with Rising Star Games, they’re responsible for a number of titles including SteamWorld Dig 2, TrailBlazers, Lumo, 88 Heroes, along with upcoming games like Decay of Logos and RICO. Below are a few quotes from the notice sent out this morning.

“Once he knew what we were planning, getting Ed hooked on the idea was easy,” says Thunderful CEO Brjann Sigurgeirsson. “It’s the first time we recruit from outside Sweden, so it’s been a good exercise in dealing with Swedish red tape, housing and what have you. Having him on board is absolutely delightful.”

Interest from developers in teaming up with Thunderful Publishing has been… substantial, to say the least. Therefore, Thunderful has acquired 100% of the shares in Rising Star Games from Bergsala Holding to cope with the new workload, and to benefit from many years of expertise. Ed Valiente will be the new managing director at Rising Star Games, in addition to being the managing director of Thunderful Publishing.

“The team at RSG is very competent,” says Ed Valiente. “We look forward to bringing in quality titles for us all to work with.”

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