Head Over to Hot Topic for Some Red, White, and Blue (and Black) T-Shirt Action

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The Fourth of July is just days away, and chances are if you’re reading this you still need a shirt to wear. You don’t have to compromise your nerd cred with some generic starred-and-striped clothing, though. Hot Topic has your back — and they want to cover it with some radical Fourth of July threads! From Star Wars to Grumpy Cat, there’s something for everyone here.

Grumpy Cat Fourth of July Fail T-Shirt

Star Wars Fourth of July X-Wing Fireworks T-Shirt

Grumpy Cat Fourth of July Fail Girls Tanks

Grumpy Cat Firework Fail T-Shirt

Grumpy Cat Firework Fail Girls T-Shirt

Grumpy Cat Firework Fail Girls Tanks

Marvel Captain America T-Shirt

Marvel Captain America Logo Tank Top

Fireworks Free Tonight Girls Crop T-Shirt

Painted American Flag Girls Muscle Top

American Flag Tie Dye T-Shirt

MTV American Flag Logo Girls T-Shirt

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post, but the links above are affiliate links. That means Hot Topic did not sponsor this post, but if you buy something using one of the links above we’ll get a small cut — this helps us pay our staff so they can keep creating all the great content you see on this site.

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