Hearthstone 2018 HCT Summer Championship Results: Day One - Part 1

Hearthstone 2018 HCT Summer Championship Results: Day One – Part 1

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We’re live on site at the Blizzard Arena in Los Angeles for the finals of the Hearthstone HCT 2018 Summer Championship to crown a new champ. As we watched the matches live on the floor along with the rest of the press, the crowd slowly poured in to see who would be going on to Sunday’s competition with the first eight matches today. Here are the results from the first four matches.


Match One: Tansoku vs. Rase. Winner: Tansoku (3-2)

The first match of the day went a full five matches and an hour in total, the opening two matches were pretty much even as both players were able to showcase their decks at their finest. The third round dragged for a bit before Tansoku took at 2-1 lead. He had a damn good shot at taking the win in round four, but he made a few key choices that stalled his attack and left him vulnerable to a loss, tying it up 2-2. But in the final match, RNG found itself in favor of Tansoku, who pushed hard for a final victory to move on as Rase met defeat.


Match Two: A83650 vs. YuYi. Winner: A83650 (3-2)

The second match went the distance at all five rounds — A83650 didn’t seem to have any doubts in his mind as he pushed forward in the matches. There were moments during all five where he could have taken the win, but a few key decisions pushed his attacks out and gave YiYu a pair of decisive victories. But the final match was little contest as A83650 crushed it in the last match and sent YuYi packing.


Match Three: Rugal vs. dog. Winner: Rugal (3-1)

Everyone was hoping for dog to take this competition, as he’s basically had every Hearthstone accolade under his belt except a Championship win. Unfortunately, those dreams were dashed as he fought three long rounds to end up down 2-1. He had an amazing chance to try and come back in the fourth game, but alas, lady luck wasn’t on his side with the cards. Rugal bided his time and picked up the decisive victory to move on.


Match Four: glory vs. Leaoh. Winner: (3-0)

The first official sweep in this round of matches. This match started out strong with glory taking what appeared to be an easy 1-0 lead. We thought Leaoh might have a chance in the second match, but that was quickly dismissed to give glory a 2-0 lead before the mid-match break. About five turns into the third match, it was pretty clear this was glory’s moment as he moved onto the top eight.


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