Bethesda Wants Crossplay for Fallout 76, But Sony Isn't Playing Ball

Bethesda Wants Crossplay for Fallout 76, But Sony Isn’t Playing Ball

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As you might suspect, Bethesda Softworks would like to do crossplay across all platforms for Fallout 76. Unsurprisingly, Sony won’t do it.

According to an interview with GameStar, Game Director Todd Howard pretty much called out the company as being not only difficult to work with, but pretty much unhelpful when it comes to what he calls “a big trend in the games industry”. It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone considering the dealings they had with Epic Games and the blowback from fans of Fortnite from not allowing players to use their accounts on the Switch.

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At the time, the studio didn’t do much commentary on the matter and simply pointed out the fact that it couldn’t be done. Howard calling the company out by name and expressing disappointment over the situation is a big deal in terms of addressing the matter. It is insane that Valve, Microsoft, and Nintendo can all come together to work on titles for crossplay, but Sony can’t seem to see a way to working with everyone when this is clearly a move toward the future of gaming. Maybe they’ll change their minds from public outcry as we move toward Fallout 76‘s release? But right now, that seems like a pipe dream.

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