New ‘Jaws’ Posters Coming from MONDO, Faithful Recreations of Missing Original

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MONDO’s next release of movie posters will really take a bite out of summer — two faithful recreations of the original Roger Kastel Jaws painting.

If you didn’t know, the original painting has been “missing” since 1975. Kastel was able to provide to Mondo what scans he had on hand to aid with the re-creations, but the process was difficult to say the least.

Back in 2014, Gizmodo ran a highly detailed piece talking about the process of the original painting being created, and the subsequent disappearance of it.

Newsweek has a fabulous write-up about Jason Edmiston‘s process of recreating the original painting — highly suggested reading if you’re interested in the great white-sized project.

There are two posters being released by MONDO, the limited editions (280 posters) each measuring 24” by 36”, printed by DL Screenprinting.

“The Shark”, which is a re-release of the original paperback cover of Jaws by Peter Benchley with the nudity:

And “JAWS”, which takes a bit more artistic license by airbrushing away Chrissie Watkins’ (Susan Backlinie) nudity from the recreation of the original film poster:

Pretty fabulous items to have for the movie poster collector, or for a fan of the GREATEST SUMMER BLOCKBUSTER EVER MADE (fight me).

JAWS by Roger Kastel and “The Shark” by Roger Kastel are set to go on sale Tuesday July 3rd at

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